Hazardous waste Shredding & Pumping (S&P) system

Shredding and Pumping

The DI hazardous waste shredding and pumping (S&P) design is the achievement of 20 years practical on-site daily experience and based on a total throughput of more than 600,000 tons mixed packed hazardous, chemical and toxic wastes.

In accordance with this knowledge, our in-house engineering team has designed a heavy-duty waste shredding and pumping system, for pre-treatment of practically any packaged unsorted heterogeneous hazardous waste; including a feeding capacity for complete big bags, IBC containers, steel drums and barrels, as well as wooden or plastic pallets.

In line with our extensive and unmatched practical expertise in hazardous waste treatment, we have available a sturdy, reliable, wear resistant, easy maintenance, safe and emission compliant S&P solution.

The S&P system in combination with our stationary rotary kiln incinerator is the perfect match for any hazardous waste treatment.

S&P characteristics

The major factor in our S&P construction is a well-considered selection of a robust waste pumping system. Together with a large pump diameter concept, the pump operates at higher pressure and with maximum pushing force.

The strong over-sized S&P system significantly reduces the risk of pipeline clogging, because of chemical reactions in the discharge pipe or by an obstruction of partially shredded steel. The available pipeline diameter is a factor 4 larger compared to competitive designs.

The large pump and discharge line diameter reduces the required nominal pumping pressure, reducing overall wear and tear of all components in the pump; not only for pump internals, but also on hydraulics, slide valves and pipeline wear; which overall improves long-term operational reliability.

The utilization of a first-class shredder in combination with an extremely reliable robust waste pumping system has resulted in our foolproof S&P solution.

Jan Huijben
Technical Director, DI Head Engineer

Explosion proof

DI’s fully automated vertical assembled waste pre-treatment S&P system consists of an explosion proof closed construction to avoid air emissions escaping to the atmosphere, under inherently safe operating conditions.

The S&P system is operating under CO2 or N2 inert blanketing on all pumping and shredder volumes, to mitigate potential explosive conditions.

The S&P design has an internal liquid leaking circulation system, without creating additional emissions.


The shredding and pumping system is designed and built in accordance with established process guidelines, health & safety regulations and environmental & pollution control standards.


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