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Who is Jan Huijben?

Jan Huijben is the founder of Dutch Incinerators (DI) companies. Jan graduated as a mechanical engineer in 1987 and from 1989 up to 2013 he worked for several renowned hazardous waste treatment companies and engineering contractors worldwide.

In March 2013, Dutch Incinerators was born.

Over the past 35 years, Jan has built extensive proficiency in mechanical and process design, project management and site construction of specific hazardous waste process equipment. In addition, Jan has developed practical on-site operational skills in most thermal waste treatment technologies.

Dutch Incinerators

Dutch Incinerators main office is based in the Netherlands (DI-NL), with presence in Thailand (DI-TH) and a joint venture company with Environ Services Limited under the corporate name Environ DI Limited (ENV DI-UK) to serve for United Kingdom Projects.

DI has specialized and built up an excellent reputation in the design and construction of reliable thermal treatment plants – on an industrial scale – for safe destruction of hazardous, chemical, toxic and medical wastes, in compliance with applicable regulations.

Our in-house engineering team has wide-ranging technical know-how in mechanical and process engineering, together with practical operational experience in the hazardous waste treatment industry.

Dutch Incinerators’ comprehensive expertise comprises of:

Rotary kiln technology

Rotary kiln incineration is the most reliable and versatile high temperature thermal treatment technology for safe and environmentally tolerable destruction of heterogeneous hazardous, chemical, toxic, medical and infectious waste streams.

Shredding & pumping system

The heavy-duty waste pre-treatment shredding & pumping system can easily scrap steel barrels, plastic drums, hazardous waste containers, IBCs, complete big bags, tin cans, waste bins, bottles, fiberboard boxes, etc. and subsequently feed the shredded hazardous waste materials straight to the incinerator.

Thermal desorption – Soil remediation

Thermal desorption is a widely accepted environmental remediation technology that takes place in a thermal desorber, which is a variation to the general concept of thermal waste treatment.

Organic pollutants (volatiles) are removed from solid materials, like: soil, sludges, sediments and filter cakes, by increasing the temperature of the solid fraction through direct heat transfer. Subsequently, the released organic contaminants are then incinerated.

The philosophy behind our designs is a high-level quality standard, exceptional operational reliability, unsurpassed annual availability, low opex, minimized environmental impact, overall safety, easy housekeeping and full compliance with international standards and local legislation.

Jan Huijben
Technical Director, DI Head Engineer

EPC Contractor

DI undertakes to design and deliver complete turnkey high temperature waste treatment plants, basically totally integrated systems in compliance with emission and energy efficiency requirements, furnished with all parts, components and auxiliaries inside the battery limits (ISBL), corresponding to the Basic Engineering Design (BED) documentation.

Our EPC scope includes:

E&I testing
test run
perfomance test
instrumentation & electrical systems
DCS system
auxiliary equipment
operator training
aftermarket services, etc.

Dutch Incinerators provides high quality design options and cutting-edge innovative technology. Our creations are built with state-of-the-art materials, industry-best instrumentation and supreme electrical hard-/software.

With our comprehensive turnkey packages, everything is thought out and planned from start to finish, to make sure each customer is 100% satisfied and confident in receiving a complete, reliable, top quality and emission compliant thermal waste treatment installation.

We commitment to offer and guarantee a modern, reliable and cost-effective incinerator, with ultra-low operational and maintenance requirements, that fully complies with any local standard and regulation and that will fully meet customer’s expectations, without compromising any technical or operational availability.

Lucas Van Den Broeck
Sales & Marketing Director, DI Sales


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