Hazardous waste incinerators

35 Years

Experience with hazardous waste

8000 h / year

Guaranteed availability


Typical uptime

0 liter / day

Operational auxiliary burner fuel


Continuous operation


Plant operators per shift

35 years expertise with hazardous waste incineration

Are you looking for an in-house hazardous waste disposal solution, instead of nonstop paying huge amounts for outdoor incineration?

Then, don’t look any further!

Dutch Incinerators builds reliable and durable incinerator plants, to safely and environmentally destroy complex heterogeneous hazardous wastes.

Dutch Incinerators’ engineers have comprehensive knowledge, skill and experience in designing, manufacturing, commissioning and operating the most advanced incinerators for thermal treatment of destructive harmful wastes.

Our incineration plants are equipped with: dual combustion chambers, adaptable automatic waste feeding systems for solid / semi-solid / liquid and gaseous wastes, waste-to-energy solutions and operate in full compliance with the highest possible standards.

With Dutch Incinerators, your special waste is in the right hands!

Stop paying high disposal gate fees for outdoor destruction of your hazardous wastes and invest in our robust, reliable and emission compliant first-class incinerator plant from Dutch Incinerators.

Lucas Van Den Broeck
Sales & Marketing Director, DI Sales

Our innovative designs might come with a higher Capital Expense (Capex), but will pay back themselves in a relatively short term, due to our low operational and maintenance cost.

Lucas Van Den Broeck
Sales & Marketing Director, DI Sales

Our references

Today’s Dutch incinerators’ reliable hazardous waste treatment plants are originated and developed on the solid basis of profound education, together with 35 years practical learning experience.
All technical and operational knowledge built up in the past 3.5 decades has put Dutch Incinerators in a privileged position of competitive superiority.

Visit our References page to discover the distance we traveled to become specialist in hazardous waste treatment.

Find out how we built up our expertise!


Dutch Incinerators is YOUR expert in reliable hazardous waste incineration.